How to set a Boarder Picture in Microsoft word file without causing any Tiling Problem/ How to set a background picture in Microsoft Word without causing the image to appear as multiple images when printed.

Step 1: Open the Boarder picture using Microsoft Paint. Uncheck the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” Chose the size 817X1100 (This is a perfect size. Depending on the size of the boarder picture, you can change this a bit to adjust.)

Step 2: Save the picture in the TIFF Format.

Step 3: Open a new Microsoft Word File. Go to “Insert’ menu and insert a single cell “Table”

Step 4: Now enter the text or your invitation to inside the Table Cell.

Step 5: In Microsoft Word, go to “Design” à “Page Color” à “Fill Effects”

Step 6: In “Fill Effects” chose, “Texture” à “Other Texture” à Browse to the TIFF picture file you already crated. Perfect, you are done! This way you will be able to completely avoid the problem where background picture appears as repeated tiles.

Step 6: Now you can change the Table Cell Properties to set as Boarder None. (First select the black boarder, right click  to get the menu.